These are the choices we are offering now, but we track requests and can, after a few people ask, often put together a new choice—say, flugelhorn—if we can find a few people who are interested, so let us know. We're also planning to offer instruction by experts in using recording software, PA system operation and optimization, and songwriting. Register soon.

Voice – Diann Gaudreau
Diann is originally from Montreal, and studied voice at McGill University. She has worked as a vocal coach, helping professional singers improve their skills, but can help singers of all levels. Studies include breathing technique, ear tuning, scales, technical and mechanical skills, as well as vocal coaching for specific problems. One of our bilingual teaching staff, she is also a recording and performing musician with several albums to her credit.

Guitar, bass and sax – Jeff Mosher
Jeff hails from Cow Bay and has been playing music from a young age, starting in school band on tenor saxophone. Passionate about music in his teens, he learned to play guitar, bass and piano, and went on to study music at Dalhousie University. Since, Jeff has been playing tenor sax professionally in The Mellotones and as a sideman for many other bands. He has been teaching since 2004, helping beginner and advanced players. He looks forward to sharing the gift of music and welcomes students of all ages.

Guitar and bass – Dave Johnson
Dave has a fine-arts background, is an experienced teacher, and when he's not entertaining professionally on guitar he applies himself as a sound designer and composer for the film and game industry.

Piano– Hande Barutcuoglu
Hande has 13 years of formal classical training, and is able to teach beginner, advanced beginner and intermediate level students in classical or pop/folk style. Basic music theory such as reading sheet music and solfeggio can be included in teaching, as well as ear training. She plays other instruments, and has experience teaching both children and adults.

 Banjo, harmonica, ukulele and fiddle--Alastair Macdonald
Well-known as a singer-songwriter and a busy performer, multi-instrumentalist Alastair counts 5 string banjo, ukulele, harmonica and fiddle as instruments he likes to encourage others to get playing.

Drums -Cameron Howie

Cameron is a multi-instrumentalist who has a good knowledge of school music programs as well as drums for popular music styles. He's great with kids and welcomes all drum beginners.