Another new brand we have added lately is Reverend electric guitars and basses. A U.S. manufacturer based in Michigan for many years, Reverend has introduced a line of internationally-produced unique and well-made electric instruments. 

As they say at Reverend, "boutique instruments without the boutique price."

Airline and Eastwood
Get ready for something refreshingly different!  Airline/Eastwood guitars are here! Dockside Music•Art is pleased to be the exclusive Airline and Eastwood dealer for Atlantic Canada. These exciting guitars and basses are based on popular sixties designs but are fitted with modern components that far outlast and outplay the original models. Made famous by Jack White of the White Stripes and others, you won't often see anything like them. We have a great selection and prices starting around $500. All Airline instruments come with a 3 year warranty.

We are pretty choosy about the guitars we stock, and it’s usually something you wouldn't find everywhere else. Often it will be something we have selected it because of its virtues: either it’s an outstanding value, a great quality instrument, or something really interesting and different.


Recently we have become an authorized dealer for Yamaha instruments and PA gear. Yamaha is a well-known and respected brand we are pleased to represent. Along with the more familiar acoustic and electric guitars and basses, we carry sound reinforcement products such as speakers, PA amplifiers, mixers and other such products. Dockside and Yamaha also now have a complete selection of keyboards for students at any level and in every price range. Drums and guitar amps round out the lineup of Yamaha products now available.

Since 1972, these high-quality instruments have been made in Canada from Canadian tonewoods. Priced from $449, they sound deep and full, and play like a dream. There are lots of models to chose from, including standard dreadnaught size and smaller folk size, too. We've got several in stock for you to try! While you're enjoying the sound and feel, take in the comfortable setting and friendly service only Dockside can offer.

Composite Acoustic Carbon Fiber Guitars
Composite Acoustic guitars are the brainchild of a proverbial rocket scientist: a former aerospace engineer and guitar aficionado with a vision and a lot of experience with composites. To this day, the team consists mostly of guitar lovers and dedicated players,working every day to make the best guitars in the world.

With the implementation of modern technology such as CNC machining, CAD design, laser cutting devices and a nitrogen assisted paint system, Composite Acoustics can control the tolerances of our instruments through every stage of the process, assuring a finished guitar that is as consistently perfect as it is beautiful. As with any high-end guitar, the process still requires much precision hand work and is complex and labor intensive. There really are no shortcuts to greatness!

At Composite Acoustics, they stand behind their product. The customer service and care is exemplary and our quality standards are the highest in the industry. While we're constantly working on pushing the envelope, we'll always put sound and quality first.